Managing itchy scars

The itch is part of the healing process but scars can also become dry and itchy. It can be very difficult for your child to resist the urge to scratch, just because it feels too itchy. Sometimes children scratch the delicate new skin and it bleeds. This can be a concern for parents and for children who want their injuries to heal. Sometimes children find that their itching is worse at night and this can stop them from sleeping.

“She still itches it and we get blood spots occasionally and I sort of say to her, ‘Is that itching?’. It’s really vigorous scratching she does of it but then she won’t touch it for a few days. So I don’t know what it is that makes her itch. I don’t know whether it’s just scar tissue stretching and new skin or whatever, but at the moment she’s got a couple of tiny blood spots on it.”

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