“Immediately after, the numbness was a big thing. Not really knowing what to do with myself and not really feeling anything.”

Feeling emotionally numb is common following a traumatic experience. You might feel cut off or distant from any kind of feelings. Initially, this can protect you from feeling overwhelmed, but loving and sexual feelings can also be affected, and loved ones may be confused or upset by the changes.

“I remember in the ambulance I was so numb, yet he was obviously in loads of pain. You almost feel, ‘God, I’m so numb, people must think I don’t care.’”

Over several hours, days, or weeks, numbness can gradually fade and other thoughts and feelings will take its place. However, the lengthy treatment of burn injuries can mean that it may take a long time for people to start to feel better. For others, for a variety of reasons, recovery may be slower and may not occur without specialist help. If you are concerned about how you are feeling, click here to find out where you can get support.